Sophia assists her clients in working through life’s challenges, how to rise above and transmute them from the highest multi-dimensional perspective with more ease and grace.


Specialising in the fine-tuning and upliftment of heart energies, clearing, healing, balancing & upgrading of the chakra system, meridians, nadis, axiatonal lines & energy bodies, raising the vibration and frequencies of those she works with.

Sophia shows her clients how to release and alchemise fears, blocks, old patterns of thinking, beliefs, behaviours and underlying programming ready to be let go of, freeing them to live a more love based and soul empowered life and reminding them that everyone is perfect just as they are.

the birth of a goddess

I teach women to triumph over negative patterns and beliefs, taking charge of their health issues and enhancing their lifestyle decisions. There is an enjoyable way to live, than to be struggling to keep going at times when it would be more productive to love ourselves enough to stop, rest, revitalise and nurture ourselves.  When our qi is replenished we feel energised, happier and more content, accepting ourselves, others and life and more able to flow in harmony with nature and divine will.   

As an empath myself, there is an emphasis on a daily qi protocol, to remain grounded, connected and energised - inhibiting absorbing other energies throughout the day which impacts your energetic anatomy and dilutes your wellbeing and performance.  

I am also an advocate for digestive health - eating in a way that nourishes, cleanses, heals and repairs my body, with an emphasis on fermented vegetables and fruits, minus gluten, refined sugar and dairy.  Although, I do encourage fun and indulgence and would never say no to my husband's baking!!

I am committed to building trust together so that we can connect more deeply and I can serve you more.

I learnt by committing to a daily energetic practice, embodying my emotions, bringing awareness to negative belief systems, eating nourishing foods aligned with my empathic nature, creating boundaries for self-preservation, enabled me to live from a place of peace, clarity and acceptance. 

My work with qi has evolved throughout the years. Exploration of energy medicine during my time living in the United States further impacted my work.  

Are you living in a state of unfulfilled desires? 

  1.   Do you have a rich inner life, filled with bright ideas that you just can’t seem to bring to life? 

  2.   Do you struggle with “adulting” things like money and stability?

  3.   Do you pick up on the moods and emotions of others? Do you have a hard time separating them from your own?

  4.   Do you struggle with illnesses which are plaquing your life - digestive issues, infertility, PMS, skin problems, anxiety?

  5.   Do you have relationships in your life that drain you?

  6.   Do you have a hard time understanding your needs and emotions because everyone else’s are in the way?

  7.   Do you struggle to find your inner voice?

  8.   Do you feel like you’re always accommodating others in order to avoid conflict?

  9.   Do you understand the energy body, or feel drawn to learning about it?

  10.   Do you feel like you are part of something larger, but don’t understand what it is?

I am committed to teaching you the importance of self-preservation - prescribing an arsenal of qi techniques to help harness your body's innate healing ability to dissolve stress, clear blocks, and improve your overall wellbeing. 

Qi (pronounced chi) has became a very important thread in the tapestry of my life, bringing vibrant health, greater freedom, deep wisdom and inner knowing.  

My 'job' is to transform the quality of women's lives by teaching profound and powerful qi tools to release the deepest core blocks and obstacles to manifest your hearts' desires.  





Goddess of Qi is about reclaiming your energetic integrity and harnessing the power of your qi.

I teach women simply and powerful tools to shed the dark veil of 'dis-ease' which depletes your qi and slows down your spiritual growth, and physical manifestation of your hearts' desire and soul purpose. 

I particularly resonate with women who are highly sensitive and or empathic in nature, and in many cases they don't even realise it!

My empathic nature, which I once viewed as a curse, was in fact my greatest gift in this lifetime.  What unfolded throughout the years was my empathic intuitive abilities - specifically clairsentience and recently clairvoyance.

My tradecraft is working with qi -

 to accelerate healing and transformation.


When we work together, I will consistently provide you with dynamic energy based transformational tools  that you can count on, because I know from my own personal experience that they really work. I will show up for you – powerfully and authentically – and will share my intuition, knowledge and expertise in a way that you will feel, relate to, and be empowered to make immediate use of in your own life.

I invite you to accept my invitation toward greater self-discovery and personal empowerment. I guarantee you will become amazed by yourself, inspired by all that you can be, do and create, and fall madly in love with yourself and your life!

With gratefulness, surrender, kindness and sweet nurturing,

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