Leading Qigong Queen, and Energy Medicine Maven

Sophia Simos, presents:

the lusciousGODDESS

A 6-WEEK sacred immersion TO detox and purify YOUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL OF limited living AND ACTIVATE YOUR power TO CREATE luscious wealth AND wellbeing.

It’s time to release the shame about being ‘overly sensitive’ or ‘too soft’, so you can show up powerfully poised, ablaze with radiance and vitality.  During The Luscious Goddess, you'll attune to your inherent self-healing powers while detoxing exhaustion, overwhelm and doubt.



Rising into sublime abundance and radiant health doesn’t require you to be anyone else.

The sensitivity and softness you feel is a massive asset and it’s time you wake up to this secret power within you and learn to wield it with ease.


Stop hiding behind the ‘people pleaser’ mask, giving your energy away, undervaluing and acknowledging your worthiness. A luscious, rich life can flow for you as you align with your divine birthright to feel energized, confident, and fiercely independent. Physical health and vitality are assured. Relationships thrive. Creative expression flows, and a new world of deeper connection and meaning opens up to you.

SENSITIVE SOUL, THIS IS A sacred journey TO BECOME THE authority OF YOUR health AND wellbeing AND celebrate THE true creatorship OF YOUR LIFE.



Imagine what it would be like to...

Pack up and move out the toxic energy and people from your life who drain your life force and leave you in emotional turmoil to awaken the limitless energy of your soul to feel vibrant, lit-up, and ready to be the creatrix Queen of your reality.

Pack up and move out the toxic energy and people from your life who drain your life force and leave you in emotional turmoil to awaken the limitless energy of your soul to feel vibrant, lit-up, and ready to be the creatrix Queen of your reality.

Never again put others’ wants and needs first at the expense of your wellbeing as you shift into a woman who feels safe and confident to take up space, be heard, and command her life from a rich femininity, sensitivity, and grace. 

No longer feel like you’re stuck in the never-ending cycle of stress, and reclaim your power to create a life and lifestyle that lights you up and gives you space and time to do the things you truly love. 

​Say farewell to feeling stuck in a soul-destroying job with toxic colleagues as you free your soul and its powerful intuition to guide you into a deeply fulfilling, purposeful career with people you love and who love and support you in return. 

What You Get...

1 x 90min initial Luscious Goddess consult to map out your new awakened luscious reality.

6 x 60 min Luscious Goddess Coaching Sessions to identify the disharmony that keep you in limited living, while creating new healthy energetic rituals to access the stream of abundance and potent vital life energy. 

1 x 90 minute Goddess Vortex Healing Session to detox, purify and heal incongruent energies and shift your vibe into the realms of health, wealth and wellbeing. 



Bonus #1: 6 x Sacred digital Qigong activation practices designed to clear stagnation, and stimulate, purify your dan tiens, internal organs and body systems, together with harmonising your emotional and mental states. 


Bonus #2: 6 x Qi Activation Assessments determine the energy deficiencies in your physical, mental and emotional energy bodies. We will be able to tailor practices to balance and harmonise incongruencies.

PAY IN FULL BONUS: 3 x 30 minute Luscious Goddess Mentorship Calls to support and guide your journey into feeling lit up and luscious in your own skin. 

Client Love...

"I started learning Qigong at the beginning of 2014 and have found the practice extremely supportive, beneficial as a busy working mother.

As a teacher, Sophia creates this wonderful fusion of skill and knowledge with gentle intuitiveness and nurturing, this is very unique. Not only does one benefit from the experiences in each session, feeling relaxed, centred, you are able to continue the practice at home with ease. For me with my busy life this was important, to be taught skills that I could then implement.

I started practicing Qigong a few times a week to begin with and noticed how different my energy, focus was the benefits were obvious this has now become a ritual that I do every morning, it takes little time and the great thing as well is that you can do this practice in not a great deal of space. I feel energised, I have clarity of mind, and enthusiasm to deal with what comes my way.

I can't recommend these classes strongly enough.  Thank you Sophia,you have made such a difference in my life."


Creative Dance Educator

Why Work With Me...

Have you been labled at 'overly sensitive' or 'too soft'?


I pushed my empathic nature aside to ‘fit in’. Slowly, I became a woman I didn’t recognize: pushing, forcing, controlling,competing, and becoming the ultimate perfectionist, people pleaser and workaholic! 


On the outside it was glamorous, I held a successful career in corporate sales and marketing for award-winning premium and luxury travel, aviation and hospitality brands. Internally I was burnt out and exhausted, suffering from adrenal fatigue, endometriosis, infertility and life-altering digestive issues.


I made a conscious decision to take charge of my precious life, and understand the ‘source’ of my struggles. This led to the discovery of an ancient Chinese medicine healing practice called Qigong (pronounced chi gong) - the simplest and yet potent practice that is so little known about in the West. Little did I know, that was the sacred invitation I needed to find my feminine power and step into the strength of my softness.  Now, as a holistic health coach, Qigong facilitator, and energy medicine maven I guide women from pain to wellness on a gentle journey to discover and reprogram the disharmony and dis-ease within.  


Sensitive one, you are a path forger with a secret superpower you’ve yet to reveal.  It’s time to ignite your empowered, spiritual, magnetic, creative, and luscious life. 


I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Not Every Coach...

7 years + as a Certified Qigong (pronounced chi gong) Facilitator, helping women dissolve stagnant energy, purifying, balancing, strengthening her body, mind, and soul.

7 years + as a Certified Holistic Health Coach helping women feel boundless energy each day as she eats high vibrational foods that feed her body and soul.

4 years + as an Energy Medicine Healer, using cutting edge healing techniques to dissolve energetic debris specifically from the dan tiens, meridians and multiple energy bodies resulting in annihilating negative emotional patterns, deep-rooted beliefs, and programming in her psychology. 

Raises her vibration daily by 'being' the authority of her life - purifying her thoughts and emotions and expanding into greater consciousness in every waking moment.

25 years + working in the corporate arena and supports sensitive souls no longer wanting to play the patriarchy game of business, and start using her femme sensitive powers to own her voice, power, and presence.

Talk To A Goddess Advisor To Apply...

Congratulations Goddess for taking this powerful next step to activate your power to create luscious wealth and wellbeing!

I am deeply committed to your health and success.

I’ve created a list of questions for you to answer to help me know you and your needs better.

I review each application personally before scheduling an Assessment Session. I only have limited spaces available for calls as this enables me to work intimately and exclusively with you. 

Of course your personal information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. You can rest in knowing my lips are sealed.

Please take the time to listen to your heart and answer the questions below. I am committed to building trust together so that we can connect more deeply and I can serve you more.

With exquisite Qi, Sophia

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