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Personal growth courses,  extreme fitness regimes, plant based diets, affirmations, journaling, holistic therapies.... You are spending time, money and energy trying everything.  Maybe they have helped?  Yet why do you still feel.....


Overwhelmed. Scattered. Depleted. ​Overly Sensitive.

So you toughen up, conform, keep striving, controlling, pushing, competing . You are desperately trying to fill your live with external pursuits to improve your life....and to unconsciously numb the struggle. 


The internal mind chatter is getting increasingly loud. Negative belief systems are plaguing your life. Illness is hindering your success.

You’re wondering when you will finally feel the momentum shift from a vicious cycle of negative thoughts, feelings and experiences to a virtuous cycle of greater freedom, peace and well-being.

Where wounds arise and struggles emerge on the physical plane, creates an opportunity to  surrender, soften,let go, release, heal....

I continue to explore and apply powerful energy tools to shift your vibrational energy - you will be surprised how good life feels and how quickly you can evolve when you're unencumbered by needless worries, drama and pain.

 “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” 


Qi (pronounced chi) has became a very important thread in the tapestry of my life, bringing vibrant health, greater freedom, deep wisdom and inner knowing.  

My 'job' is to transform the quality of women's lives by teaching profound and powerful qi tools to release the deepest core blocks and obstacles to manifest your hearts' desires.  

I enjoyed a successful career for more than 20 years working for luxurious and premium hotels, resorts and travel companies.  I considered myself top of my game. I lived a stress-filled, fast paced life and I felt unstoppable, fit, healthy, I was making great money, travelled the world and was ultimately living a pretty awesome life.  

Then one day, in my early 30’s it all came crashing down. I started experiencing extreme pain in my abdomen and was later diagnosed with severe endometriosis including a large benign tumor in my uterus - which resulted in me going under the knife a number of times. What proceeded was ten years of trying to conceive, digestive issues and adrenal fatigue.


I spent thousands of dollars seeing countless doctors, fertility specialists, traditional Chinese doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists - I immersed myself in personal growth courses, extreme fitness regimes, health diets, spiritual practices, tones of body work.  I tried everything I could think of to improve myself and my life, falsely believing that changing my external circumstances would help me to feel happy inside. But it didn't. It just numbed the pain. I felt cheated, disappointed, resentful, lonely, grief stricken and a victim in this vicious debilitating cycle.

My intuition, and frankly my desperation, led me to research traditional Chinese medicine healing practices harnessing energy. In 2011, I discovered a mysterious therapy called qigong (pronounced chi gong), the simplest and yet potent practice that is so little known about in the West, was the beginning of my deep healing pilgrimage.  

everything is energy

This energy-based therapy led to my discovery that we are more than just a physical body, that there is a conscious energetic part to ourselves — a part that we were never taught how to use.  I recall feeling my own energy for the first time and thinking that we are much more than what we perceive ourselves to be, and it’s time we begin to see ourselves in another light.  


Scientists recognise that everything in the Universe is made out of energy. Quantum physicists discovered that the structure of atoms, which are made up of vortices of energy called quarks and photons, are constantly spinning, vibrating, absorbing and emitting electromagnetic frequencies - each one radiating its own unique energy signature. When you focus on the atom, at its tiniest observable level, is energy, and human consciousness is connected to it - human consciousness can influence its behaviour and even re-structure it!

We are beings of energy and vibration, radiating our own unique energy signature.

I observed that my thoughts, behaviours and actions, which are vibrations of potent energy dictated my reality.  I recognized that I was responsible for my life, which at the time was plagued with dis-ease, challenges and chaos.

Qigong, became a constant in my daily life.  I integrated the practice where I could - when I was driving, standing in a queue, cooking, at work, meeting customers, walking, exercising, gardening, meditating....every day I set the intention to 'always' be grounded, aware, present and connected.

I soon discovered a profound shift from chaos to harmony in all areas of my life - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  

I was enchanted by the simplicity, grace and

undeniable power of Qigong. ​ 



It was time for me to step up and share my personal learnings and journey, and as a consequence I became a Qigong Facilitator and certified Holistic Health Coach. My daily commitment to wellness and qigong gave me a renewed sense of purpose, and I felt that my journey of pain and suffering was a true life lesson and a blessing! 


This gave birth to my business - Goddess of Qi (pronounced chi = energy).

Goddess of Qi coaching and programs are made for.....

She's ready to overcome her deepest challenges.

She's willing to accept and let go of the past and embrace the light within.


She experiences a roller coaster of emotions - resentment, anger, sadness, fear....


She's seeking to heal, nourish and harmonise her body, emotions and mind...

She's filled with bright ideas that she can’t seem to bring to life.


She has a lack and scarcity mentality.

She picks up on the moods and emotions of others.


She has a hard time separating emotions from her own.

She struggles to find her inner voice.

She's plaqued by illness, such as digestive issues, infertility, PMS, skin problems, anxiety, fatique....

She's hurt and has built a wall to feel safe and protected.

She has relationships in her life that are damaging and chaotic.

She has a hard time understanding her needs and emotions because everyone else’s are in the way.


She feels like she's always accommodating others in order to avoid conflict or feel accepted.

She retreats, dis-connects from family and friends often.

She understands the energy body, or feels drawn to learning about it.

She feels like she is part of something larger, but doesn't understand what it is.


She's spiritual, but she’s not playing. She’s not pretending. She’s real.

She's not gossiping on the internet.

She's not starting meaningless drama.

She's committed to doing deep inner work.  

If you agreed to many of the above statements, it is time to embrace the healing modality of energy or qi (pronounced chi).


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Reveal The Rare And Exquisite Pearl Within

To Awaken Your Goddess Power.



Learn a powerful yet simply daily routine to revitalise your qi

Wake up your body's immunity to fuel vitality and build resilience


Ground, centre, connect and re-balance into your natural grace

Shield yourself from harmful energies that deplete your qi

Heal undigested experiences  to open way to a renewed future


Eradicate old belief patterns and release past trauma

Soften, let go, release, surrender to allow greater flow

Eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and other destructive emotions

Overcome chronic and prolonged health issues

Become healthier and happier as you age, not the other way around

Shine into the empowered, divine goddess you have always known you are!

The Goddess of Qi Retreats are for just 12 women and are conducted in exquisite sacred healing destinations. 

During our time together, we’ll gather together in the space of safe, supportive and loving sisterhood.

This journey is a deeply nourishing using the profound, gentle and graceful

practice of Qigong.

You will experience the energies of nature, the vital life force within you, and really discovering more about who you are, and what you are here to do.

The Goddess of Qi Coaching 

is a powerful 120 minute deep qi healing session.

 Sophia applies powerful energy tools designed to clear harmful energy debris and heal physical, emotional and mental trauma.

You will be surprised how good life feels and how quickly you can evolve when you're unencumbered by needless worries, drama and pain.

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Happy Birthday Chooky. 

Happy Birthday Chooky. 

Have an awesome day! 

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