Starseed Greece Adventure provides space for the inner goddess to be awakened, witnessed, and celebrated. Days and evenings are not only to enjoy but to inspire. We welcome each day with breakfast and open circle before exploring the sights. Our evening ceremonies are by the light of the moon which provides a full day for exploration or restoration, depending on what is needed. Our day adventures are built on flexibilty to allow for ‘Be in the Now’ moments where the spontaneity of the soul is expressed. If desired, opportunity for a solo adventure day is also available. Our gorgeous seaside villa offers private space with individual rooms each with en-suite bathrooms for privacy. White sand beach is within walking distance if you prefer open sea over our private pool.

We invite the power of sisterhood to deepen our embrace of the feminine and to celebrate the joy of being a woman.

Join Sophia Simos and a sisterhood of women who respect and honor the feminine, who embrace the unknown and allow the divine to flow.

(Keep scrolling for timeline and details of our journey)

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